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  Ningbo Technician School (Ningbo Advanced Technical School) is a municipal comprehensive technical school and a key technical school for State-level vocational training as well as the cradle for intermediate and advanced technicians. The school has multiple functions of employment market forecasting, vocational training, vocational skill appraisal, employment guidance, manufacturing and so on. Characterized by the integration of employment with training, the school turns out students that are widely accepted as "suiting the market needs, behaving themselves properly and having good practical skill and adaptability". Over the last few years, students from this school have been well received by a good number of such noted enterprises such Zhonghua Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Company, Yunsheng Group Corporation, Ningbo Yongxin Optical Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhongce Group Corporation, Ningbo Yuejin Automobile Front Axle Co., Ltd. and Asian Garden Hotel. The students have good opportunities of being employed by most favored enterprises, with employment rate of 95% in the year they graduate from the school. The supply of students majoring in machinery and electrical equipment in particular has always fallen short of market demand.

  Situated by Yaojiang River of Ningbo, the school has a landscape-like campus where you will find the advanced facilities, the academic atmosphere and the capable teaching staff. The campus covers an are of 32000 square meters and floor space of 22000 square meters. The school offers over 20 majors including digital-controlled lathe cutting, and has 1700 full-time students studying on campus. In addition to workshops for practice by students majoring in mechanical processing, bench work, electrics, plate welding, dismantling and cuisine, the school is also provided with laboratories for audio-visual teaching, CAD teaching, electrics and electronics teaching, survey teaching, material & metallographics teaching, physics teaching and chemistry teaching. The better serve the students, the school has founded a fraternity fund to help hard-up students through their schooling. At the same time, the school offers scholarships to those students of outstanding ethic and academic performance.

  In all its operations, the school adheres to the socialist ideology, adapts to market needs and serves the need for economic and social growth. It advocates the idea of "giving priority to personal development and focusing on personal capability and adheres to a teaching approach oriented toward versatility and productivity. It constantly explores the best way to run a school and steps up the modernization of backbone disciplines. It now aims to train both intermediate and advanced skilled workers, to train versatile talents rather than single-discipline talents. In a word, the technical school is no longer considered a place for one-for-all education of students but part of their life-long education. With this in mind, the school has offered full-time junior college classes for advanced skilled workers, five-year adult junior college classes for technicians, five-year classes and intermediate technician classes in the nature of vocational training experiment. As a result, the school has produced many talents who have advanced and novel skills and overall personal merits.

  With the technical progress and industrial upgrading, society is in urgent need of technicians who have good command of advanced and novel techniques. To this end, the school is setting out to explore a way to training students toward professional titles. An example of such effort is the prospective Ningbo Technician Institute which will better serve the regional economic and social development.

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