Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Firefox Portable with Ultrasurf

This is a nice short tutorial on how to install Firefox portable onto your USB flashdrive. Now why would you want to carry a web browser around with you? Well, my main reason is so that I can browse whatever website I want by using a proxy.

 Download the portable version of Firefox at

When you install the program, just make sure you install it into your flashdrive. Once installed, you explore your flashdrive and you should see a folder called "FirefoxPortable". Open that folder and you should see a Firefox logo; that the application you click to use firefox portable.

Now go to to download my favorite proxy! You want to save it into your USB flashdrive so you can have the .zip folder. An better idea is to save it in the firefoxportable folder on your USB flashdrive so you can have everything in one place. Once you have downloaded the file, all you have to do is open the .zip foleder and execute u1008.exe application.

But wait, you aren't done yet! You still have to configure your portable Firefox to use the Ultrasurf proxy. You want to click on the tools menu on top of Firefox, then click options.
In the new windows, go to the advanced tab, then network tab, and in the connection area click settings. 
Then select the circle with the "manual proxy configuration" and for the http proxy, use "" with the port "9666". Then click the checkbox that says "Use this proxy server for all protocols" and it should all be done. Now click the OK to save your settings.
 Now you are all set to use Firefox Portable with the Ultrasurf proxy. Just remember a few things:
1.When you begin to use the proxy and Firefox, make sure you execute u1008.exe first, then open Firefox portable.
2. Share this with friends, but not with administrators.
3. Don't get caught when you use this at school or work! Administrators block certain sites for a reason. The reason why I taught you guys how to configure this proxy is so that if you visit countries like China, you are able to surf the web freely. China has internet censorship and this is one way to exercise your right of freedom. Also using a proxy to surf the web helps keep you anonymous.

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  1. Nicee tutorials. I hope I will be able to put them into use.

  2. You haven't posted anything for a while? I wonder if you know how to hack Wap-2?

  3. Yes I know how to hack wifi with WPA2 encryption. You must first capture the handshake and then once you do that, you can do an offline dictionary or bruteforce attack. I will post the tutorial up soon but thank you for your patience.

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